Avenida Alberto Alcocer, 1.
28036 Madrid

+ 34 91 345 16 96
+ 34 91 350 54 11


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Devoted to gastronomy

Señorío de Alcocer is a restaurant of traditional Navarre cuisine which was founded in 1982 by Doroteo Martín and his wife Fany, two catering professionals who, thanks to their savoir-faire and hard work, have delighted the most discerning of international palates with this typical fare from the North.

It’s no wonder that a few years later, in 1998, they opened its sister restaurant, Restaurant El Almirez, together with their sons Javier and Eduardo and nephew José de la Cruz, and which is located in the heart of the Salamanca District.

Since joining the catering world at the age of 13, Doroteo Martín has worked non-stop to offer his customers, without whom none of this would have been possible, those quality dishes which delight the most demanding of gourmets.


Ilusión por la gastronomía





Avenida Alberto Alcocer, 1. 28036 Madrid   /    Telephones + 34 91 345 16 96 / + 34 91 350 54 11

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